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Hoverboardest New 6.5 Inch Hoverboard for Sale, with Bluetooth Speaker, Adjusting LED Lights and App

Product Description
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Hoverboardest New 6.5 Inch Hoverboard for Sale, with Bluetooth Speaker, Adjusting LED Lights and App

Product Description:

6.5 Inch New Smart Balance Wheel with Bluetooth Speakers + Led Lights + App

The Swift hoverboard is a new model 6.5 inch hoverboard. With new design by famous designer, Fireproof case, speed limited safe mode for kid, DIY color changing led lights, 2*350W powerful motor, High quality LG or Samsung battery cells, Smart App and Bluetooth speaker. This new design board for kids as the best gift.



Self Balancing Technology 

 self balancing itself, it is more safe, easy to ride, and not easy to fall down for new rider.

 Speed Adjustable 

 adjust the speed from min to max in the app, to ensure the safe riding speed for your kids if you don’t want them ride too fast.

Pro Bluetooth Audio 

Pro Bluetooth speaker, visa by your smart phone, ride with your favorite music.

DIY Colorful LED Lights 

set any your favorite colors lights by app. One color or flashing colors mode. It makes the coolest board.

Smart App Control 

You can control the board by app visa your smart phone, Sefl Balancing Switch, Changing led colors, Adult or Child mode, Anti Theft Alarm, Adjust riding speed, playing music by bluetooth, check riding track etc. Get the smartest hoverboard.

UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard is the Safe Hoverboard:

Hoverboardest Hoverboard features the latest UL safety certification UL 2272. It uses original Samsung 18650 batteries and a certified charger. This means your hoverboard is 100% safe for everyone who wants to buy or use one of these amazing boards. (To show proof of UL listing, the UL holographic sticker will be on the bottom of every product.) The U.S Government has approved UL2272 certification as assurance that this product does not overheat, spark, smoke, catch fire, etc.

Highest Quality With Our Strict Inspection Protocol:

All our hoverboards are choosen the high quality components, including motherboards, batteries, motors, wheels, aluminum case, outer shell and charger. Every part is rigorously tested to make sure it meets quality standards. When you purchase a self-balancing scooter from Hoverboardest you can feel confident in the safety of you and your family.


Strong Chassis and Fire Resistant Casing

Stronger aluminum chassis inside prevents the hoverboard from breaking. The PC outer shell is fire resistant. The new outer casing keeps flames contained within the casing in case of a rare emergency.


Smarter battery charger (UL Certified)

Battery charging will stop automatically when the hoverboard is fully charged. Your hoverboard will no longer overcharge.



. Safety : UL 2272 Certified Hoverboards

. Lithium-Ion Battery: Removable 4.4Ah/36V (LG/SAMSUNG Cells)

. Motor: 350W*2 Motors

. LED: Colors Adjustable by APP

. Bluetooth Speaker: Pro Bluetooth Speaker

. Distance on Full Charge: 7.5~9.5 Miles

. Max Speed: 8 Miles/Hour

. Charging Time: 1.5 to 2 Hours

. Charging Voltage: AC100 to 240V/50-60Hz

. Driving Mode: Adjustable Speeds by App

. Max Load: 265 Pounds

. Max Climbing Angle: 25 °

. Water Resistant: IP54

. Frame Material: Aluminum

. Tires: 6.5 inch Rubber Tires

. Product Dimensions: 26 Inch x 9 Inch X 8.86 Inch

. Net Weight: 23.7 Pounds.

Available new in White, Red, Blue, Silver


What You Get:

One(1) Genuine Hoverboardest S1 Plus

One(1) Hoverboardest S1 Plus AC Charging Adapter (UL Certified Charger)

One(1) S1 PlusUser’s Manual and Paperwork


Hoverboardest Factory:

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